Composed in


English Horn and (Youth/School/Amateur) Orchestra

2,2,2,2 – 2/2/2/ – Timp. 2 Perc. – P – Strings


First performance
July 1, 1996 in Copenhagen (DK). Alex VAN BEVEREN, English Horn. The Youth and Music Orchestra of Antwerp (B), conductor : François CUYPERS.

Commissioned by
Copenhague Cultural Capital of Europe 1996

Dedicated to
Luc Van Hove

Commercial recordings
CD Youth & Music Antwerp JOA 01



Luc on “Introduction” :

This short work was written for Alex Van Beveren and the Antwerp Youth & Music Orchestra for their appearance in Copenhague, Cultural Capital of Europe in 1996, who commissioned the piece.
The solo part includes some multiphonics, chosen not only for their effect but mainly because of the harmonic properties, for the music is -as usual in my works- based on the natural harmonics of (in this particular case) the note G. The music is technically relatively easy for the orchestral players, since the idea was that almost everyone would be able to perform it. There are also some controlled aleatoric passages in the orchestra, while the English Horn part is written out completely. The piece ends with two bars of syncopated and very recognizable rhythms in the percussion, announcing more things to come, as the purpose was to work out the piece as a Concerto in three movements.
This Concerto was eventually composed 10 years later.

Luc Brewaeys