Nobody is Perfect ! (André Laporte sixty-five)

Composed in


15 Players

1,1,1,1 – 1,1,1,0 – 2 Perc. – P – 1,1,1,1,1.


First performance
November 7, 1996 at the Royal Music Conservatory in Brussels (B). Ensemble of Students of the Conservatory, cond. : Bart BOUCKAERT.

Commissioned by
Brussels Conservatory

Dedicated to
André Laporte

Lantro Music

Commercial recordings
Megadisc MDC 7828/29 (2cd)

Luc on Nobody is Perfect ! (André Laporte sixty-five) :

This work was composed on commission of the Royal Conservatory of Music in Brussels at the occasion of the 65th birthday of my former teacher in composition in this place : André LAPORTE. The piece is obviously dedicated to him. This little piece is written for 15 instruments and is in three short (of course) sections. The general principle is the one of “(des-)articulated unisson” : listening to it makes immediately clear what I mean. The end of the piece is an hommage “à la Brewaeys” to the end of what once was described in French as “La Serrure de Laporte du Château de Kafka”. This means “The Key of the Door of the Castle by Kafka” (this alludes to Laporte’s opera “Das Schloss” (1985, based on Kafka). This is the second of an ungoing series of “Nobody is Perfect !” pieces. The first was for piano solo (for the 50th birthday of Michael Finnissy). The third one is for String Quartet (for the 75th birthday of Lukas Foss). Many other short pieces like this will follow, for other (and only) composers and for various instumental combinations.

Luc Brewaeys