Nobody is Perfect ! (João Pedro Oliveira Forty)

Composed in


String Trio


First performance
December 16, 1999 at the Aula of the University in Leuven (B) by members of the DANEL String Quartet



Luc on “Nobody is Perfect ! (Joao Pedro Oliveira forty)” :

This piece for String Trio was composed in December 1999 at the occasion of the official awarding of the “Blanlin-Evrart” Cultural Prize of the University of Leuven which I received that year, and is dedicated to the Portugese composer Joao Pedro Oliveira. The first performance took place by members of the Danel String Quartet. This is the fifth in an ongoing series of short “Nobody is Perfect !” pieces I compose in honour of anniversaries of friends-fellow composers. The predecessors were for piano solo (Michael Finnissy Fifty), for 15 instruments (André Laporte sixty-five), for string quartet (Lukas Foss seventy-five) and for flute, clarinet and piano (Jonathan Harvey Sixty). Many others will follow..! The music is based, as in many of my recent works, on what I call “articulated unison” which means that one single line is played (almost) together by the three instruments, even if some “fantasies” are permitted in each individual part. In this case there is an introduction and a codetta based on music composed by the dedicatee, and the main body of the piece is also derived from material of his. The point is, actually, that I enjoy very much writing these short pieces for my friends in a very short time, concentrating on the inner satisfaction of focussing my energy and skill to a result which is able to touch my listeners as well as myself.

Luc Brewaeys