Nobody is Perfect ! (Lukas Foss seventy-five)

Composed in


String Quartet


First performance
March 6, 1998 at the Belgian Embassy in Berlin (G) by the DANEL String Quartet.

Dedicated to
Lukas Foss

Lantro Music

Luc on “Nobody is Perfect ! (Lukas Foss seventy-five)”:

This piece was composed from November 1997 to February 1998 for the Danel String Quartet who gave the first performance on March 6, 1998 at the Belgian Embassy in Berlin. This is the third in an ongoing series of short “Nobody is Perfect !” pieces I compose in honour of anniversaries of friends-fellow composers, each for a different instrumentation. The predecessors were for piano solo (Michael Finnissy Fifty) and for 15 instruments (André Laporte sixty-five). Many others will follow..! As usual in these works I refer to and/or quote some of the music of the dedicatee. In this case I quote the beginning of Lukas’ “Night Music for John Lennon”. The music is spectral, mainly slow, though there is a fast sequence in the middle of the piece. The main point of these series of works is, actually, that I enjoy very much writing such brief pieces for my friends in a relatively short time, concentrating on the inner satisfaction of focussing my energy and skill to a result which is able to touch my listeners as well as myself.

Luc Brewaeys