Si sentiva un po’ stanco…

Composed in


Solo Trumpet


First performance
December 4, 2004 at the Museum of Photography in Antwerp (B). Alain DE RUDDER, trumpet.

Dedicated to
Kiyomori Sokabe



Luc on “Si sentiva un po’ stanco” :

” Si sentiva un po’ stanco…” was written in 2001 on request of Kiyomori Sokabe, but is first performed on December 4, 2004 by Alain De Rudder at the Museum of Photography in Antwerp (B). The italian title means ” He felt a little tired… ” and is reflected in the music by -technically almost impossible to perform- extremely slow glissandi, sometimes interrupted by melodic fragments or by short passages of (very) fast notes, as if the performer attempts to fight against his tiredness… It was my intention to show aspects of the trumpet that aren’t commonly used such as intimacy and lyricism. I actually wrote the piece as a kind of study for (the Finale of) my Seventh Symphony, which I composed immediately afterwards and which turned out to become my most austere work so far.

Luc Brewaeys