Stolen Silence

Composed in


13 Instruments


First performance
March 12, 2004 at deSingel in Antwerp (B). The Hermes Ensemble, conducted by Koen KESSELS.

Commissioned by
Arts Center deSingel, Antwerp (B)

Dedicated to
Stefan Van Eycken


Luc on Stolen Silence :

“Stolen Silence” is my hommage to the John Cage piece 4’33” and therefore turned out to be a score full of notes and quite complicated to be performed. As one says in French : “Les extrèmes se touchent”, and this piece might be a nice example of it… I conceived the work as being amusing for myself and (also, hopefully) for the audience. This work was commissioned by deSingel for the Ars Musica Festival 2004 and the score is dedicated to Stefan Van Eycken. The First Performance is given at deSingel in Antwerp on March 12, 2004 by the Hermes Ensemble conducted by Koen Kessels.

Luc Brewaeys