3 Miniatures

Composed in


Violin & Violoncello.


First performance
March 31, 2008. New York City (USA), Trinity Lutheran Church. Erik CARLSON, violin & Victoria BASS, violoncello.

Dedicated to
The New York Miniaturist Ensemble

Private Archive

Luc on “Three Miniatures” :

The New York Miniaturist Ensemble asked me to compose a work which consists of maximum 100 notes, as those miniatures are their core business. These “3 Miniatures” for violin and violoncello is my answer to their request, the second and longest one containing exactly 100 notes for each player. The last miniature is somewhat a kind of mirror of the first and ends as the first began, with the intention to obtain a whole kind of cycle. In order to create a bit of a strange atmosphere both instruments play with mutes throughout the work. The NY Miniaturist Ensemble gave the premiere of the piece on March 31, 2008 at the Trinity Lutheran Church in New York City.

Luc Brewaeys