Along the Shores of Lorn


Composed in


2/2/2/2 – 2/2/0/0 – 2 Perc – Strings (12/10/8/6/4).


First performance
February 24, 2005 at the Conservatory in Brussels (B). Symfonieorkest van Vlaanderen, conducted by Etienne SIEBENS.

Commissioned by
Symphonic Orchestra of Flanders (Symfonieorkest Vlaanderen)

Dedicated to
Mark Verstockt



Luc on “Along the Shores of Lorn” :

This work was composed in 2005 on commission of the Symfonieorkest Vlaanderen. They first performed it at the Brussels Conservatory on February 24, 2005 conducted by their chief-conductor Etienne Siebens. “Along the Shores of Lorn” are the first words of the text you can find on the bottles of “OBAN” whisky.

The work takes its basic ideas from my piece “OBAN”, it is the “firework” coming out of the rocket which ‘OBAN’ originally was. The piece is in one movement, but consists of four sections. The work begins with an introduction based on flageolet-tones in the strings, along with a kind of split pseudo-unisson melody. This is followed by a fairly long, rapid passage in what I would call “(des)-articulated counterpoint”. The third section is extremely slow (maybe a huge breath?) and mainly deals with “special” timbres, which are amplified and permutated compared to ‘OBAN’. A duo for the two trumpets on a repeated pulse leads to the coda, which is longer than the one of the “fellow-piece”, is incredibly fast and features the virtuosity of the orchestra in an almost breath-taking way. Finally the Bass Drum concludes the piece alone, as he started. I dedicated the score to artist Mark Verstockt in friendship and admiration for the intenstity and extremely high quality of his works. I also felt very close to him when we discussed our mutual approach towards our creative “jobs”.

Luc Brewaeys