Double Concerto

Composed in
Alto/Bass Flute & Horn Solo with 10 players & electronic sounds
Alto/Bass Flute & Horn Solo, Oboe(EH), Clarinet (Bass-Cl), Trumpet, Bass Trombone, 2 Percussions, Piano, Violin, Viola & Violoncello
ca. 15′
First performance
January 9, 2010 at the Concertgebouw in Bruges (B). Michael SCHMIDT, alto & bass flute – Bruce RICHARDS, horn. The Ictus Ensemble, conducted by Georges-Elie OCTORS with Alex FOSTIER at the mixing desk.
Commissioned by
Ictus Ensemble
Dedicated to
Lukas Pairon
Luc on “Double Concerto” :
The “Double Concerto” was commissioned by the Ictus Ensemble. They first performed the work conducted by Georges-Elie Octors and with Michael Schmidt on flutes and Bruce Richards on horn at the Concertgebouw in Bruges on January 9, 2010. The second performance followed almost immediately afterwards at deSingel in Antwerp (on Jan. 21).
The work starts with a lengthy double cadenza for the soloists, with some interventions of the electronic sounds, which mostly are based on instrumental sounds (from the soloists or from the ensemble). The parts are physically very demanding, although melodies take an important role in this work. Some of the material played afterwards is based on my previous Ictus commission “Jocasta” (2003), but I have extended the harmonies and eliminated lines which I considered being “too sweet”.
The work is now about 15 minutes long, but I schedule to add some 9 to 10 more minutes, in order to equilibrate the overall form of the work. The score is dedicated to Lukas Pairon, director of Ictus and longtime friend.
Luc Brewaeys