Composed in

String Quartet


First performance
May 6, 2004 at ? in Schilde (B). The DANEL String Quartet.

Commissioned by
The Festival der Voorkempen (B)

Dedicated to
Roel Dieltiens


Luc on Haydn ? :

This work was composed in 2003 on commission of the Festival der Voorkempen (B) for the Danel String Quartet, who first performed it on May 6, 2004 in Schilde (B) and performed it some 8 times the following months. The score is dedicated to cellist and artistic director of the festival Roel Dieltiens. “Haydn ?” was supposed to be some kind of variation(s) on the “Emperor’s Theme” of Haydn’s String Quartet. The piece starts with the theme played almost inaudibly by the First Violinist and “accompanied” in a strange spectral way by the others players. As the work continues, the theme is more and more “lost” in much more complex musical material, actually derived from the Final of my Seventh Symphony. The piece ends very quietly in the original tonality…

Luc Brewaeys