Les Méandres de la Mémoire

Composed in

Recorder(s) and Piano


First performance
March 15, 2004 at Flagey studio 4, Brussels (B) by Tomma WESSEL, recorders & Saori OYA, piano.

Dedicated to
Tomma Wessel & Geert Logghe



Luc on “Les Méandres de la Mémoire” :

This work was composed in 1997 at the request of Tomma Wessel and Geert Logghe, to whom the score is dedicated. The title refers to subtle musical references (and one actual quotation) which seem to appear in the score : one never knows for sure if one recognizes anything happening in the music. The gestures also refer to the past (our heritages or “memories”) but are of course transformed. The work falls apart in 5 sections performed attacca. The second and fourth deal with aleatorism (at least rhythmical). The first (actually called “Prelude”) is some kind of introduction, getting off very affirmatively and slowing down. The third is a defragmentation of “articulated unisson” meant to be quite lyrical. The last (“Finale”) is a short conclusion (with references to the parallels in the third section) and features the recorder player performing on both Soprano & Alto recorder at the same time (biphony). The work ends quite calmly with a reminder of the beginning in the piano part.

Luc Brewaeys