Nobody is Perfect ! (Michael Finnissy Fifty)

Composed in


Piano Solo


First performance
July 11, 1996 at the British Music Information Center in London (GB) by Ian PACE

Lantro Music

Luc on “Nobody is Perfect ! (Michael Finnissy Fifty)” :

This work was composed in 1996 at the request of the British pianist Ian Pace for the fiftieth anniversary of Michael Finnissy. He first performed the work on July 11 at the British Music Information Center together with some 15 other works written by collegues for the same occasion. Finding an appropriate title was the hardest thing for this piece and it finally became “Nobody is Perfect !” and turned out to become the first of an ungoing series. The second “Nobody is Perfect” score is written for 15 instruments (for the 65th birthday of André Laporte). The third one is for String Quartet (for the 75th birthday of Lukas Foss). Many other short pieces like this will follow, for other (and only) composers and for various instumental combinations. The piece is an hommage to the virtuosity of Michael Finnissy (as a composer as well as a performer) and was written to celebrate the new and (sometimes very) complex music Ian loves to perform. Exception made of a fairly short slow passage, the piece is a cascade of extremely fast (and many) notes. The main idea was to make something more or less spectral with a lot of fun…

Luc Brewaeys