Composed in
Soprano and Chamber Orchestra
1/1/1/1 – 1/1/1/0 – 2 Perc. – H – 2 P – Strings (2/2/2/2/1).
Lyrics by
First performance
April 26, 1989 at deSingel in Antwerp (B). Mireille CAPELLE, soprano. Orchestra of Ghent Conservatory (B) conducted by Roland CORYN.
Commissioned by
Arts Center deSingel, Antwerp (B)
Dedicated to
Harry Halbreich
Commercial recordings
Cyprès CYP 2609 (2cd)
Luc on “Requialm” :
“Réquialm” for soprano and small orchestra was commissioned by deSingel in 1989. The text is an excerpt from the album “Fa:m ‘ Ahniesgwow” (1959) by the German poet Hans Helms. The work is dedicated to Harry Halbreich. The first performance took place on April 27, 1989 at deSingel in Antwerp with Mireille Capelle, soprano and the New Ensemble of the Ghent Conservatory conducted by Roland Coryn. There are four parts : an introduction, Réquialm 1, Arie de Bett and Réquialm 2. The two title parts are (exception made of the start and ending) identical, but number 2 is to be performed quite faster. The introduction is a kind of invention on the note D and its overtones while the soprano (des)articulates the text (as far as one can consider this a real text) with whispering voice. The Arie de Bett is the most important (and longest) part and can be understood as a kind of study about Mahler-gesturing. This part may be performed separately. This was my first vocal work and it was my intention at the time to use the voice for what it’s supposed to be used : to sing. My collegue and friend Frank Nuyts sent me this “text” by Helms, because I told him that I needed something where I could feel totally free for a first vocal piece. This “non sense” was exactly what I was looking for. On the other hand there are words which can be interpreted (in different languages), and I have been trying to do something with it. There is not so much to be told about the music, except maybe that it builds further on the esthetic and the tone-colour elements of my previous works. In the end music is meant to be listened to…
Luc Brewaeys